Aaron Kapembeza

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Aaron Kapembeza

 • born in 1982

   Aaron Kapembeza is one of Zimbabwe's successful and most represented artists. His artistic talent started showing in his teens. Perseverance and dedication has made him a leading Zimbabwean springstone sculptor. Aaron's studio, gallery and sculpture garden in New Tafara, Harare.

   His encounter with Colleen Madamombe's unfinished motherhood struck a cord in him. He was able to see the sculpture hidden in springstone. That moment was transformational. It opened his soul as an artist. Colleen Madamombe, an aunt, was excited by the medium of stones. She mentored him in appreciating details nature offered. She was a talented and established female sculptor. Encouraged to work with larger stones his style evolved as he carved off-cuts. His experience with Colleen fostered Aaron's desire and prolific creations. The natural experience of carving amazes and excites Aaron. The discoveries found in Zimbabwean hard black springstone and opal stone provide extensive options... various styles to contrast with polished surfaces. The passion for the human form and the expressive style creates gorgeous sculptures.

   Aaron likes to sculpt representational pieces. It is very gratifying to transform rough springstone into a shape that he finds in the heart of stone. He is a exciting Zimbabwean artist. His zest and constant energy shows, given the few moments his sensors are off. Reading books or learning from others is a route to success. Aaron prefers to spend hours hands on, experimenting, with more full filling options. 'Its my own work. Once I select a rough springstone, I let my mind and feelings couple with the intrinsic characteristics of stone to control the final image.' In most cases, the structure of the stone determines the design.

   Viewers cannot resist the urge to run their hand over Aarons sculptures. He creates sculpture that seduces the viewers eye, stir the soul, and entice the viewer to touch. He carves the exact amount of detail the particular subject benefits from. All without sacrificing the flowing, graceful lines, which typify his style. An artist with a diverse and versatile sculpting talent that collectors appreciate. His work is in private, corporate and public collections throughout Europe and Africa.

   There are over 40 exhibitions to his credit. A stone sculptor featured in solo European exhibitions. The first Shona sculptor to give lessons in Europe. Aaron has travelled Netherlands and worked at renowned studio Gallery De Buffel. Aaron's work has shown in major Zimbabwean and international exhibitions. His growth, knowledge and skill now influence local and international apprentices. Aron is passionate about his work, passionate about engaging patrons.