Bronson Gengezha

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Bronson Gengezha Photo

   Bronson harnesses his attention to detail with his love of history and aesthetic values to create sculptures of unique character.

   His preference for stone with character and colour is at the heart of the vibrant sculpting he has become known for. It has already brought happiness to countries around the world.

   The Kwekwe mines are a favoured source of opal, serpentine and verdite stone. Their manual mining provides stone of complete substance. Automated mining does reduce the initial cost of raw stone however missing attention to the stones character is just to costly to the finished sculpture.

   Bronson also uses the traditional sculpting ways by only using hand tools like chisel, hammer, rasper, mbezo, files, etc. to reveal and enhance the message contained in the stone.

   The subjects of each stone's story are often family and life moving towards a better world. Always done in a way the transcends country, culture and community.