Ernest Thomas

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Bronson Gengezha Photo

   Ernest Thomas began his carrier as a sculpture in 1990. Nicholas Mukomeranwa directed him, as Ernest chased, chiseled, sanded, filed and polished the Zimbabwean master’s stone sculptures. The enthusiasm of master sculptor Nicholas encouraged Ernest to experiment with the stone, providing an ongoing endless wide range of stone and tools over the thousands of hours it takes to become the artist and professional he now is. All that was expected of him was to explore and express his heart and soul using Zimbabwe’s unique media of expression, stone. The results where incredible.

   Ernest's initial successful sculptures where animals and human figures wrapped in blankets. These sculptures where highly expressive unique artistic messages. They where quietly collected by visitors from abroad.

   Collectors from France, Germany, Italy, Great Britain and in the US proudly include his work. The award from the National Gallery of Zimbabwe brought increased value to those collectors, and at the same time exposing Ernest to a wider audience.    Exhibitions of Ernest's work have been shown in: the National Gallery of Zimbabwe in Harare, Dusseldorf Germany, Auckland California, Seattle Washington, and Johannesburg South Africa.