Morgan Manyika

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Morgan Manyika Photo

   Morgan was born in 1984 at Guruve, a town located along the Great Dyke Belt of Zimbabwe. Since 2004 he has sculpted under the influence of Morgan Chitiyo, a friend in the Eastern Highlands of Zimbabwe.

   Experience and time have allowed him to teach others including his elder brother Charles Manyika who also had developed an interest in sculpting.

   Morgan's sculpting can be found in galleries throughout the world.

   Morgan participates in as many workshops as possible around Harare with an eye to build out techniques. His focus has built from traditional tools, handmade tools and heritage skills.

   “ I love making abstracts mostly, or creating sculpture that reflects unity among people or nations ”.

   “ My favourite stone to work with is the Opal stone, I love this stone because it allows me to create my work... ”.