Zachariah Njobo

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Zachariah Njobo

Zachariah Njobo

 • born in Birchenough Bridge, Zimbabwe midlands, in 1962

   Zachariah is a Ndau tribe member. They are peculiar to the area between the traditional homes of shona in the North and the Ndebele in South. Their language is a blend of both Chishona and Ndebele. Zachariah grew up in a rural home at Birchenough Bridge. He left school at the age of thirteen due to financial constraints. His interest in sculpting started with his uncle who was a successful wood sculptor.

   After school, Zachariah stayed at home and continued to practice sculpting. In his early twenties, he moved to Harare where he discovered the Canon Paterson Art Centre. There he workd with other sculptors using provided materials, stone and tools.

   Zachariah's unique and distinctive style earned the attention of buyers and collectors. The clean, efficient, and often humorous works are featured at Pierre Gallery and other worldwide venues. Zachariah Njobo is the best finisher according to his peers. Definitely a top talent in the Zimbabwe sculpture scene.


1989 John Boyne House, One Man Exhibition, Harare *
1989 Cannes, France-Collective Exhibition
1989 Barcelona, Spain-Collective Exhibition
1989 Auckland, New Zealand- Collective Exhibition
1991 Group Exhibition, Geo Arte Gallery, Los Angeles, U.S.A*
1991 Group Exhibition, Racines Gallery, Brussels, Belgium*
1992 Standard Chartered, Harare*
1993 National Gallery, Harare Zimbabwe*
1994 Rhinowatch, London-England*
1995 John Boyne Gallery, Harare Zimbabwe*
1995 Group Exhibition of Shona Artists-Maimi U.S.A
1995 Yorkshire Gardens England*
1996 Petit-Leez, Brussels, Belgium*
1998 Hartford C.T U. S America*
2006 Netherlands- Butter Galerie*
* Patrick personally attended these confirming Zachariah's artistic growth and skills.