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Aaron Kapembeza Stone Carvings

Aaron Kapembeza

born 1982

   Aaron Kapembeza is one of Zimbabwe's successful and most represented artists. His artistic talent started showing in his teens. Perseverance and dedication has made him a leading Zimbabwean...

Benjamin Mashaya Stone Carvings

Benjamin Mashaya

born 1986 in Nyanga, near the Mozambique border

   The Mashaya family is on of Zimbabwean’s most respected sculpting clans.
   Benjamin started carving at a tender age mentored by his already successfully established artist brothers.
   He sculptures to portray man’s affinity to human nature.

Bonwell Chiwaridzo Stone Carvings

Bonwell Chiwaridzo

born 1977 in Nyamhondoro village, Guruve

   Bonwell focused his skill developed over a few decades only to face earned recognition in 2005 winning at an Art competition organised by Korean Embassy...

Brighton Layson Stone Carvings

Brighton Layson

born 1981 in Harare, Zimbabwe

   Brighton Layson joined his brother Aaron in stone carving, before enrolling in engineering. He began by making sculpting tools for other artists. Economic hardships and the death of his brother Aaron drove his return to the art of stone carving. Inspiration fuels the use of new technics to growth his artistic skills.
He views nature as his inspiration.

Bronson Gengezha Stone Carvings

Bronson Gengezha

   Bronson harnesses his attention to detail, love of history and aesthetic values by creating sculptures of unique character.
   His preference for stone with character and colour is at the heart of the vibrant...

Charles Manyaura Stone Carvings

Charles Manyaura

   Lameck Bonjisi became Charle's mentor in 2001 guiding Charle's skill development until Lameck's passing. Focusing on human figures in hard stone such as spring stone, opal, white opal and cobalt has been the destination of those cultivated skills, as they spread their impact throughout the world.

Coster Balakasi Stone Carvings

Coster Balakasi

born 1972 in Harare, Zimbabwe

   In 1988 during school holidays Coster began sculpting with artists such as Miger Padaso, Dominic Benhura and others in Tafara. Over the years since then Coster has worked with other sculptors and participated in exhibitions in; Canterbury England, the Taha Boyn Gallery in Harare, Alliance Francaise Harare, the Harare Showgrounds and Galleria Del Mondo in Spain.

Cyril Mangenda Stone Carvings

Cyril Mangenda

born in 1982

   Cyril started sculpting in 2002 when inspired by his brother Moses Mangenda. Cyril started creating small pieces and then moved on to sculpt animals. His first was a rhino. He is now using his skills to create lions, leopards, elephants and abstracts.
   He loves working full time with hardest stones. Semi-precious stones like verdite, leopard rock, dolomite lapidolite are favourites.

   “In the future, I wish to go abroad to exhibit my works”

Emmanuel Madzivanyika Stone Carvings

Emmanuel Madzivanyika

born 1987 in Seke District, Zimbabwe

   Emmanuel started stone carving on completing school. He moved to Chitungwiza to work with Tamuka Munjunja (late) the Chikwanha Centre. Emmanuel assisted him by doing the finishing and learned about creating sculpture. After the death of Tamuka, he became a member of Chitungwiza Art Centre, where he is currently working.
   Emmanuel’s favourite stones to sculpt are lapidolite, verdite, dolomite and leopard rock.

   Emmanuel loves to sculpt animals and human figures.

Ephias Chivhunga Stone Carvings

Ephias Chivhunga

born February, 1982 in Mashonaland, Zimbabwe

   Ephias Mavhunga concentrates on Sammy and fine arts, producing excellent wood and stone works. Over the past 23 years Ephias has produced great works, most notably The Mahatma Gandhi was produced for the Municipality of Durban and is currently displayed at the Stranger Municipality Gardens of the national monument built to commemorate the 150th year since the arrival of the Indian community in South Africa. His artwork, displayed and sold around the world, is inspired in capturing great moments, figures and the beauty the world offera.

Ernest Donza Stone Carvings

Ernest Donza

born February, 1984 n Mabvuku, Harare

   Ernest focuses on creating abstracts, heads, torso, birds with clean styles. Spring-stone, one of the hardest serpentine stones found in Zimbabwe, is the core material he uses for sculpting. Successfully selling sculptures in South Africa began this professional career. -Now art lovers from North America, Europe and Africa are included in those who collect his work.

Ernest Thomas Stone Carvings

Ernest Thomas

   All that was expected of him was to explore and express his heart and soul using Zimbabwe’s unique media of expression, stone. The results where incredible...

Forbes Suliyari Stone Carvings

Forbes Suliyari

   Forbes follows Brighton Sango(late) the first artist to introduce abstract sculptures in Zimbabwe. A member of Sanganai Art group, Forbes Loves making abstracts,...

Gift Seda Stone Sculpture Carvings

Gift Seda

   Gift sculpts human form and wildlife. A member of the world famous Tengenenge Art Community Gift...

James Phiri Stone Sculpture Carvings

James Phiri

   His family art business history provided a solid perspective as James Grew up. James specializes in extremely popular abstract flower forms...

Jonathan Mhondorohuma Stone Carvings

Jonathan Mhondorohuma


Juja Tembo Stone Carvings

Juja Tembo

born 1970 in Centenary

   Juja is of the Tembo Mazvimbakupa (zebra totem) belonging to the Chewa tribe from Malawi. As a student Juja worked on wood curving in his spare time. In 1997 his brother Wilfred Tembo first suggested stone sculpting and the Tengenenge art community.
   While being told to copy existing works, Juja instead created his own owl sculpture design that later became his trademark.
   At a a Korean Embassy Exhibition Juja won an award in 2005.

Michael Mugavazi Stone Carvings

Michael Mugavazi

   Michael is a stone sculptor based in Mvurwi at Mvurwi Art Gallery. His sculpting career began at the Mudhindo Art Gallery in Guruve, apprenticing with Francis Mugavazi, a well-known first-generation artist.

   He worked primarily with dreaming stone until 2008 being marketed by Juckers the African Art Agent. After that period Micheal relocated to Mvurwi and working with eminent artists like Passmore Mupindiko and Luke Mugavazi.

“I mostly love to create animals; birds, abstracts and figures”.

Morgan Manyika Stone Sculpture Carvings

Morgan Manyika

   Morgan focuses on the use of traditional tools, handmade tools and heritage skills.

   "...I love making abstracts or creating sculpture that reflects unity among people or nations..."

   "...My favourite stone to work with is the Opal stone, I love this stone...

Noah Tabo Stone Carvings

Noah Tabo


Oscar Chinyama Stone Carvings

Oscar Chinyama

   Oscar's imagination is inspired through the stone to help exchange cultures with each piece he creates. This evolution began in 1998, when while in grade 7 he began helping his brother, Nhamo. His skills and art evolved as he found collectors purchasing his sculptures while studying at Silveira House.
   In 2002 when he became a member of the Art-Piece and Co-operative, sculpting impressively in Fruit Serpentine, Leopard rock, Spring stone, Cobalt, Lapidolite, Verdite, Butterjade, Limestone and Granite.
   His visual feeling, emotion and art relates to the Shona way of living – heardman, chiefs, love and affairs of Zimbabwe are his world. A world exhibited in the UK in Marlow, Loughborough, Windemere and the URC at London.

Passmore Mupindiko Stone Carvings

Passmore Mupindiko

   Passmore was the families first-born in 1975. So when his father passed away he left school to provide for his family.
   Passmore's success with wood carvings took him to the Tengenenge Arts Community and meeting with Mr Tom Blomfield. In 1998 he converted to using stone as his sculpture carving media.
   An artistic focus on nature has covered pieces like leaf-bowls that attract birds to tall slender fowl, shells and leaf-heads. These have been widely enjoyed at exhibitions in France, Holland, South Africa, Germany and Denmark.
   His inspiration comes while fishing and listen to songs, and working with others on how to live in harmony.

Patrick Sephani Stone Sculpture Carvings

Patrick Sephani

   Patrick’s work reveals detailed expressive moods and emotion. He marries the natural and the spiritual elements of stones in generating art.

   Patrick’s work is in private art collections and galleries worldwide. Canada, USA, Netherlands, German, Belgium, and the UK are especially strong markets.

Percy Kuta Stone Carvings

Percy Kuta

   This young up and coming Zimbabwean sculptor, is one of the most notable contemporary artists, creating intricate, unique sculptures that look like he simply folded rock when just one piece of stone has been very skillfully hand-carved. He creates impact through polishing. Following the shape and the movement of stone that he hand finishes creates lasting art with new beauty from every angle.

Peter Gwisa Stone Carvings

Peter Gwisa

   Peter has excellent analytic skills, often using creative problem-solving skills that are frequently outside the box. He strives to constantly nurture and improve for the benefit of all.

   Using imagination as he sculpts stone, he communicates cultural imperatives.

Rodger Chawanda Stone Carvings

Rodger Chawanda

   Rodger has a deep-seated love of creatures. It is strongly reflected in his work. As Roger realized his native sculpting talents his art emerged reflecting the living members of his environment.

   He prefers to sculpt creatures... as figures, abstracts and torsos.

Rufaro Murenza Stone Carvings

Rufaro Murenza

born 1990 in Zimbabwe

   Rufaro began sculpting while still in school helping Joe Mutasa, a well-known Zimbabwean sculptor, as an assistant at the Chapungu Sculpture Park in Harare. There, over those many years, he meet and was influenced by many artists.
   As time passed his personal style created works that have shown him to be a talented and successful artist. A nominee in the National Arts Merit Awards (NAMA) for four consecutive years (i.e. from 2014 to 2017 inclusive) and winner of the 2015 NAMA award in the 3D sculpture category point to a growing importance to the Zimbabwean sculpting world.

Stabben Masakara Stone Carvings

Stabben Masakara

born 1966 in Mazoe Chiweshe

   When Stabben was a teacher at St Phillips School another teacher was active in trading stone sculptures. It was the start of Stabben creating stone sculptures.
   The personal importance of stone sculpting took him to the Chapungu Art Gallery, ending up at the Tengenenge Art Community. Stabben created shooting flowers, elephants, chameleons and smiling hipppos building to the “shy lady’ - an African woman admirable to her husband’s parents. A sculpture that won the National Arts Merit Awards. He received certificate, a shield, tools and a cash prize of ten million dollars.

Stephen Chikeya Stone Carvings

Stephen Chikeya

born 1966 in Harare, Zimbabwe

   "I never dreamt of being an artist, but life changes ... My life has come full circle because I am doing what I fell in love with, not by being forced."

   "Since I loved birds very much, I decide to start making them and use different types of stones."

Thomas Makore Stone Carvings

Thomas Makore

born 1980 in Guruve, as part of the Mazvimbakupa totem of the Korekore tribe

   Thomas started selling his sculptures at the Hwadaya gallery. He then moved his sculptures to Tengenenge and became a permanent resident at Tengenenge. At Tengenenge he began sculpting human figures, realizing the importance of woman as parents.

Walter Mariga Stone Carvings

Walter Mariga

   Walter Mariga’s signature style frequently includes leaving parts of the stone raw or ‘alive.’ He carves his distinctive sculptures using the hardest and most beautiful Zimbabwean stones.

   Walter's father is considered to be the ‘father’ of the current Shona sculpting movement connecting him to the first generation of Shona sculptors. Walters art is unique – displaying a mastery of both traditional and contemporary forms.

Willard Bopoto Stone Carvings

Willard Bopoto

born 1985 in Guruve, northern Zimbabwe

   Guruve has rich serpentine deposits and he spent much of his childhood experimenting in stone sculpture. At ten years old, he sold a sculpture to an American customer. It put him "in the mind of art" as a career, since his father had also been a skilled artist.

   Willard’s passion for sculpting art continued unabated ever since.

Zachariah Njobo Stone Sculpture Carvings

Zachariah Njobo

born 1962 in Birchenough Bridge, Zimbabwe midlands

   • Zachariah's unique and distinctive style has brought him the attention of buyers and collectors worldwide.
   • The clean, efficient and often humorous works have been displayed by the Stone Dynamics Gallery, the Pierre Gallery and several other venues worldwide.
   • Zachariah Njobo is regarded as the best finisher among other sculptors. A serious talent to be reckoned with on the Zimbabwe sculpture scene.       more...