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     Stone sculpture created by hand is a very personal thing. The artist sees the creation evolve in harmony with the characteristics of the stone that a quarry has amputated from the mountian. The message, the emotional connection, even the perspective, are the resulting sculpture.

     ZimCarving helps bridge the gap. The sculptural creation is for only those who appreciate that message, reminder and the experience that art delivers.

     Years of experience using sculpture in architectural and landscapre situations benefits our clients. It allows the expectaion of satisfaction for its purchaser.

     Matchingconsumer desires for exactly the piece that express athought, encourages or brings a smile is the ongoing challenge. It is a challenge that brings a great deal of saticfaction as we work to similar ends with our clients.

     We look forward to your input. Rest assured we will work to put the same care into your request as we do in creating each sculpture or piece of art. It is the route to makind each day a better day.