Fund Raisers That Build Support

Hold a Fund Raiser for your favourite organization, society, church, or team.

Working with community.

Create Impact Fundraising

  • Contact us for help with the unique stone sculpture for your fundraising program.

  • Request our Fundraising Toolkit if you are beginning or redesigning your organizations fundraising efforts.

  • Arrange to commission a sculpture for the cause.

Fund raise for a cause.

  Sculptures provide a solid meaningful symbol and focal point for the cause.

The emotion radiating from a sculpture motivates supporters of the cause.

  The permanence of stone sculpture assures ongoing identifiable cause recognition.

Sculptures are a valued auction item.

  The sculptures importance goes far beyond its weight.
  It is a permanent, top of mind, reminder of the commitment to its owner.

Sculptures deliver unique images for other revenue generating items.

  Its image adds value to more common items such as golf shirts, coasters, coffee cups, etc.

Zim Carving Beauty Sculpture Zim Carving Beauty Sculpture Drawing